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Central Indiana Frog Watchers (CIFW)Jan/Feb 2008 Schedule

A local Chapter of FrogWatch USA meets monthly at Camp Cullom (near Frankfort, IN) on the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings are open to anyone with an interest in helping conserve Frogs, Toads and Salamanders. Although FrogWatch USA is not required, it is encouraged. We meet at 7pm either in the Nature Center or the Lodge and have special guest speakers each month.

January 9 7-9pm-Todd Pierson, local Nature Photographer, Field Herper and FrogWatcher. His topic is "Indiana Field Herping"

February 13 7-9pm-Rick Marrs and Barry Hammer, Hoosier Herpetological Society They will show a video of their field herping with a special emphasis on the amphibians. 

February 23 1-5pm-FrogWatch USA Training Workshop-Open to anyone that wants to learn more about FrogWatch USA and how to volunteer. There will be slide shows about the ins and outs of FrogWatch as well as the Indiana species. 

For more information, check out www.myspace.com/cifw or email me at wzetterberg@hotmail.com
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